Your own Kubernetes cluster running on-premises

While you focus on innovation, we setup and manage your Kubernetes cluster.

Application development has never been so easy and fast. 

How does it work? 

Setting up Kubernetes is a daunting task, as we have experienced ourselves in 2016.  And managing and updating Kubernetes clusters comes after that.  Since 2016, Proteon has specialized in setup and management of OpenShift Kubernetes. In Proteon’s datacentres or in your datacenters.

In close cooperation with your IT department, Proteon will setup your Kubernetes Cluster. The responsibilities will be divided as follows: the IT department is responsible for compute resource allocation, networking, security and SLA monitoring.  Proteon sets up the OpenShift Kubernetes cluster, and monitors and manages the OpenShift Kubernetes cluster after that.  This process will take place the following steps: 

  1. Proteon works together with your IT department to find out how many resources your cluster will need and to discuss backup, monitoring, networking and VPN setup; 
  2. Your IT department allocates the CPU resources and provides the network configuration; 
  3. Backup for disaster recovery is setup by the IT department or optionally by Proteon;
  4. The Proteon team will install the OpenShift Kubernetes software and setup the monitoring; 
  5. To finish the setup, we will work together with the IT departments to setup load balancing and clustering; 
  6. Lastly, there is the SLA. Proteon offers an SLA concerning response time; uptime; recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). 

After the setup is completed, Proteon will continue to monitor the OpenShift Kubernetes cluster. We will also perform security updates and preventive maintenance. 

Benefits of your Kubernetes Cluster on-premises

Shortest time to market thanks to the automated setup

Full transparency towards your IT department and developers

Our experts are available for support 24×7 and anywhere in the world 

All of our processes are ISO27001 certified for secure data processing

No need to train your developers or increase their workload

Lowest one-time (CAPEX) and recurring costs (OPEX)



Proteon will setup your private Kubernetes cluster supporting the latest OpenShift version. You pay a one-time setup fee and a fixed monthly management fee.

€1.160,- per node


Proteon will monitor and manage your Kubernetes cluster on-premises. Our team of experts will be available for support 24x7. The price is calculated per server node.

€299,- per node, per month