OpenShift at the core of Proteon’s Container Platform 

Red Hat’s OpenShift is the leading enterprise distribution of Kubernetes. By using OpenShift as the core of our Container Platform, we optimize our services for continuous application development and deployment. OpenShift is a container application platform with built-in networking, registry, automation, and a service catalog. These and many more features take away the hard part of container development. 

With OpenShift you can orchestrate and manage your containers. Via a secure API, users can access their environments to deploy pods that can include multiple containers managed as a single unit. Kubernetes schedules the containers across several nodes (server hosts) and users can set up their own placement policies. It also adds Developer and Operation tools to Kubernetes to make faster application development, easy deployment and scaling, and lifecycle maintenance for teams possible. 

Basic platform features

Deploy on any infrastructure
On-premises or private cluster
Automatically installed and configured logging
Built-in VXLAN-backed SDN solution
Gives the administrator routing capabilities
Built-in image registry that can be installed right away
Integrated developer tools for CLI, CI/CD, container builds and more
Role Based Access Control for all features
Integrated Red Hat security tools like SELinux and OpenSCAP
Bare metal performance
ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified data processing
Data centers based in Europe or any place of choice


OpenShift Enterprise Services

Proteon’s Container Platform with OpenShift Enterprise Services delivers a critical container solution for the enterprises. With certified application and middleware services, an enterprise Operating System, support for all the elements of our Container Platform and a 24x7 security response team by your side this is the superior container solution. Red Hat Linux Enterprise is included and fully supported as well. 


Proteon Container Platform
Red Hat Linux Enterprise
24×7 enterprise support
Security response team
Certified services
Stable life cycle for 7 years

OKD Services 

OKD stands for Origin Community Distribution of Kubernetes and replaces the formerly known ‘OpenShift Origin’. It is the Open Source version of OpenShift and is built around a core of Docker container packaging and Kubernetes container management. OKD adds developer tools to Kubernetes for rapid application development, scaling, easy lifecycle maintenance and simple deployments. The distribution of Kubernetes is optimized for multi-tenant deployments and continuous development.


Proteon Container Platform
Best effort support
99,8% uptime

On-premises or private cluster  

Proteon can setup, maintain and manage both services in our own data centers or on-premises. 


✓ Local network
✓ Local infrastructure
✓ Setup and management
✓ Monitoring and maintenance
✓ Shortest time to market 
✓ Full cooperation with your IT department 

Starting from €589,- per month for 2 nodes 

Private cluster

✓ Bare metal
✓ Full scaling capability
✓ Unlimited users
✓ Unlimited projects
✓ 99,8% uptime
✓ Data centers in Europe 

Starting from €798,- per month for 2 nodes

Manage your applications in containers

effortlessly without a struggle. 

Push containerized applications to production within minutes with automated deployments to reduce runtime risk. Don’t worry about security and high availability with disaster recovery, back-up, and rolling deployments.