OpenShift eliminates the resources and time needed for complex container operations and gives developers back the power to build applications that the business needs. Because The OpenShift platform is the leading enterprise distributor of Kubernetes.

The key benefits of OpenShift are: 

  • Focus on what you do best 
    Improve your infrastructure and make it easy to manage and maintain. Spend your time and resources on achieving your business goals
  • Deliver with confidence 
    Rely on best practice OpenShift hosting refind after 20 years of previous experience with hosting  
  • Faster digital innovation
    Achieve faster time to market by deploying applications easier and safer than ever with zero downtime 
  • Built for every language or tool
    Run container-based Linux applications without sacrificing performance or security 
  • Fits in every IT strategy 
    Run your applications on the cloud of your choice, our European data centers or on-premises. Our platform can run on any infrastructure
  • Powered by Red Hat 
    Since OpenShift is a product of Red Hat, you can use all the tools and features Red Hat and OpenShift offer, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and enhanced security

Many industries can benefit from using OpenShift and we can host OpenShift for any industry. But we specialize in OpenShift for Health Care and Education. After working with customers from those industries for several years, we know exactly what their environments need to run safe and sound. We also obtained industry-specific certifications like the NEN7510 certification and we are a member of the National Exchange Point for Health Care services. Learn more about OpenShift for Health Care services or OpenShift for Education services. 

Platform features


Keep a close eye on the health and performance of your environments with real-time usage and advanced monitoring.

Application configuration

The application settings can be managed and maintained structured and safely using environment variables and configuration file management.

Log and shell access

Access your log and shell in a safe manner to get a better understanding of the performance of your applications. 


Work together more easily with Role Based Access Control and a consistent developer experience. 

Application management

Get started with OpenShift through the user-friendly web interface and powerful command-line. Choose the language, database or developer tool of your preference and start a new project.


Your data and applications are safe and secure within our ISO27001 certified infrastructure, Red Hat Enterprise security and database with encryption at rest.

Performance and availability management

Applications thrive with the platform’s (customizable) self-healing characteristics and automated performance optimization. Use autoscaling, health monitoring, and recovery to keep your applications healthy. 


Our solution comes with a fully integrated CI/CD tool stack for a streamlined development lifecycle. Features: 

Continuous integration Continuous deployment
GIT integration HotDeploy
Zero downtime deployments Automated (custom) deployments and rollbacks


Every environment has its own private network with local DNS. The services aren’t accessible from outside this private network unless you use routing. Features: 

Custom domains Public/private access
Port configuration HTTP/2
HTTPS VPN service


Our Container Engine provides state-of-the-art performance and resilient storage solutions. We understand that data is your most important asset. Features: 

High persistent file system Clustered database instance
Database encryption NVME SSD
Optional third party storage

ISO 27001 certificated services

The ISO 27001 certification is granted to companies who handle data according to the international standard for data security. It describes how to manage information security in a company. The certification acknowledges our reliability and that the security of our systems and information is top-level. In the case of Proteon, not only our datacentre is ISO27001 certified, but all our managed-services processes are ISO27001 certified as well. Therefore the ISO27001 certification is also valid for On-Premise / Hybrid Cloud installations.

OpenShift versus Kubernetes

Our Container Platform uses OpenShift as its core. OpenShift is by default built with developer tools, advanced monitoring, and more crucial features. Whereas for Kubernetes you would need to configure and manage these attributes yourself. Other features OpenShift adds to Kubernetes are:

  • Security hardening, including user-, group– and role-management
  • Continuous integration, deployment pipelines, and other development tools
  • Easy to use web GUI
  • Enterprise support

Read our blog “OpenShift in a world of Kubernetes as a Service” for more information on this topic. 

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