Focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest

Operating technology efficiently and effectively can be a tough challenge.  IT resources are often limited while management and maintenance of your infrastructure is a time-consuming task. Adopting managed services is an efficient way to keep your infrastructure up-to-date, have access to necessary skills and information, and solve issues related to cost, quality and security. Choose OpenShift On-Premise and start using your resources more efficiently. Let developers do what they are best at: developing applications. We manage, update and monitor your infrastructure while you focus on achieving your business goals.  


Fastest time to market

Your IT department can start working with the platform right away. They don’t need training nor do they have to spend time on the setup. 

Quickest return on investment

Since you don’t have to invest in training and additional resources, you can start earning back the investment immediately. 

High availability

The Proteon OpenShift platform offers 99,8% uptime and 24/7 support. We make sure your environments are always up and running. 

How does it work? 

  1. Request meeting with sales: 
    Our sales department will help you determine the requirements of the project regarding scaling, migration, and security;
  2. Proteon provides the OpenShift licenses and software;
  3. Your team will provide the servers for the project and setup the network;
  4. Our developers will work closely with your team to provide a one-time setup for the project;
  5. After the project is setup, we will provide Preventive, Corrective, and Adaptive Support according to the Service Level Agreement. 
  • Setup of the OpenShift platform 
  • Setup of the OpenShift cluster
  • Monitoring the server
  • Monitoring the application
  • Security updates
  • Maintenance
  • Requirements of the project
  • Servers 
  • Setup of the network
  • Monitoring SLA

The best developer experience with
world-class IT tools

Push containerized applications to production within minutes with automated deployments to reduce runtime risk. Don’t worry about security and high availability with disaster recovery, back-up, and rolling deployments.