Bring new applications in production fast and secure

The Proteon Container Engine helps you to create the best infrastructure for building and deploying new applications easier and faster than ever. Digital innovation is tough to accomplish and pressure on IT departments is increasing. Patient data needs to be handled in a secure environment, while developers need a consistent and top-level toolset. Unfortunately, nowadays most effort goes to maintenance and updating existing applications instead of building an infrastructure where developers can thrive. 

Let the Proteon Container Engine for Health Care help you achieve your goals so your IT department can get back to what they do best. Building and deploying instead of managing and updating. The platform makes it easy to bring an application to production on an infrastructure, language, and platform of your choice. Update with zero downtime, use autoscaling and auto recovery and benefit from everything Red Hat Enterprise Linux has to offer.  


Use cases

With over 20 years of hosting experience, Proteon has worked with health care providers, patient-data-management providers, and hospitals. Some use cases we solved: 

  • Managing the patient-record management system where personal data protection and privacy are of utmost concern;
  • Providing an all-in solution with high uptime, private data management, and management of the portals for staff, caretakers and even patient;
  • Managing case management systems that need high uptime for patient safety.

Data security

 Handling customer data securely is always a prime task within Proteon. We use best practices for data storage and exchange. To substantiate this we obtained the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certification and we became a member of the National Exchange Point for health care services. 

Member of the National Exchange Point for health care services 

Proteon is a member of the Dutch National Exchange Point. Which is a network healthcare providers can connect to. The National Exchange Point provides health care services with a safe and secure electronic healthcare infrastructure for exchanging patient data. There is no medical data stored within the network, it just serves as a protected way to connect with other parties. As a member, Proteon offers a protected connection between our systems and the systems of health care providers. The security of the infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and complies with the rules of the NEN27001 certification. 

NEN7510 certified

The NEN7510 certification represents the Dutch standard for handling medical data in health care. It describes how a company should secure and handle patient data in any way. The rules apply to the data that we keep on our servers as well as the data that we exchange with other parties during a project.

ISO27001 certified

The ISO27001 certification is given to companies who handle data according to the international standard for data security. In the case of Proteon, not only our datacentre is ISO27001 certified, but all our managed-services processes are ISO27001 certified as well.

Run your OpenShift platform in the Cloud or On-Premise 

In the Cloud

When choosing for your platform in the Cloud we provide you with an environment hosted in our cloud or on a cloud of your choice. Our data centers are placed in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and the UK. Avoid expenses and loss of resources. Your environments will include a complete infrastructure setup, developer tools, a database management system and more out of the box. 


Benefit from the fastest time to market, quickest return on investment, and highest availability. Adopting managed services is an efficient way to keep your infrastructure up-to-date, have access to necessary skills and information, and solve issues related to cost, quality and security. We take care of the setup, monitoring, and maintenance. Your developers can focus on what they do best: building applications. 

The best developer experience with
world-class IT tools

Push containerized applications to production within minutes with automated deployments to reduce runtime risk. Don’t worry about security and high availability with disaster recovery, back-up, and rolling deployments.