OpenShift for Education

One platform for infrastructure and research provisioning

Spark digital innovation with an infrastructure that is easy to manage and maintain

The pressure on the IT department of education institutes is increasing ever more. The implementation and deployment of new applications need to be faster, easier and comply with strict data security policies. And on top of that IT staff would still need to manage and maintain the current infrastructure.

After serving many universities and higher education institutes over the last 20 years, we know the struggles. The old infrastructure is often a mess which makes management, updating and migrating to the cloud particularly difficult while deploying applications is a tough job due to custom scripts that are hacked together. That’s why we developed the Proteon Container Engine for Education.

The Proteon Container Engine for Education offers a faster way to build and deploy many different applications on your choice of infrastructure. The platform makes it easy to bring new applications to production, update them with zero downtime and transform your infrastructure. Build and run any application or workload on containers, use autoscaling, Role Based Access Control, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and many more features. Achieve faster and better digital transformation while reducing time to market and time to insight. Proteon Container Engine is the most cost-efficient way to get it all.  


Use cases

Proteon has over 20 years of experience with hosting applications, environments, and portals. We have worked with universities and higher education instances to improve their infrastructure. A couple of use cases we came across are: 

  • Migrating a large and unstable system to our own cloud resulting in a secure and stable system that is automatically kept up and running due to the self-healing features of our system; 
  • Managing the student portals of several universities in Europe that require high uptime. There is an increase in workload especially during the boarding time at the beginning of a new school year since so many new students sign up and get started; 
  • Managing a student portal with extreme peak loads (around 9:00 AM when all student log-in) on-premises.

Simplify server provisioning for research

Education institutes need hosting not only for their main infrastructure but often also for their research projects. The main problems developers run into are the time and effort it takes to provision servers, the manual work it costs to compile code on a system of their choice and the use of resources.

Research projects often need specialized software that is tied to a specific system, the timeframe is unsure and the code changes along the way because it does not always work as expected. This calls for a very flexible application platform that can deliver a consistent developer experience, has no problems with complex dependencies and uses the resources efficiently.

Proteon Container Engine for Education offers a comprehensive and dynamic solution for server requests, updates and management. It delivers a flexible and stable development environment to foster innovation easily and fast. Use the language and tools of your choice to build and run your applications on any infrastructure. When a project is finished, simply clean up the server and recover the used resources.


Run your OpenShift for Education platform in the Cloud or On-Premises

In the Cloud

When choosing for your platform in the Cloud we provide you with an environment hosted in our cloud or on a cloud of your choice. Our data centers are placed in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and the UK. Avoid expenses and loss of resources. Your environments will include a complete infrastructure setup, developer tools, a database management system and more out of the box. 


Benefit from the fastest time to market, quickest return on investment, and highest availability. Adopting managed services is an efficient way to keep your infrastructure up-to-date, have access to necessary skills and information, and solve issues related to cost, quality and security. We take care of the setup, monitoring, and maintenance. Your developers can focus on what they do best: building applications. 

Manage your applications in containers

effortlessly without a struggle. 

Push containerized applications to production within minutes with automated deployments to reduce runtime risk. Don’t worry about security and high availability with disaster recovery, back-up, and rolling deployments.