Get started with your OpenShift platform easy and fast 

With OpenShift Cloud the entire OpenShift platform is delivered in an instance. From the operating system to the hosting. We provide you with a development and deployment environment in our cloud or a cloud of your choice. Your environments include a complete infrastructure setup (server, storage, networking), middleware, developer tools, database management system and more.

The Proteon OpenShift platform is powered by Red Hat and supports the entire web application lifecycle: build, test, deploy, manage and update easier and faster than ever. Avoid expensive and complex tasks like buying and managing licenses, maintaining underlying application infrastructure or other resources. You manage your applications and services while we take care of the rest.

Platform features

  • Get started easy and fast  
  • Scale your openShift cluster with your needs 
  • Highest performance thanks to single-threading 
  • Athlon Epyc processors with 2 times more performance (compared to standard cloud providers) 
  • NVME SSD hard disks with up to 6 times more performance (compared to standard SSD hard disks) 
  • Infrastructure that runs in European data centers in the Netherlands, Germany, France or the UK

What do you buy?  

  • One-time scaling consultancy 
  • OpenShift licenses and software 
  • A private cluster of 2 nodes or more which consist of 4, 8, 12 or 24 cores 
  • Preventive, Corrective, Adaptive Support according to the Service Level Agreement

Want to get started?

Talk to our experts. They can help you get started, verify the security requirements, give scaling and migration consultancy, and have experience with RFP response services. 

Manage your applications in containers

effortlessly without a struggle. 

Push containerized applications to production within minutes with automated deployments to reduce runtime risk. Don’t worry about security and high availability with disaster recovery, back-up, and rolling deployments.