The easiest way to develop, deploy and run your applications in containers

OpenShift is built to unite the developer and DevOps on one platform. The OpenShift platform enables developers to deliver all their applications with shorter development cycles and lower operational costs. Automate your workflows to, for example,  simplify getting the source code from version control systems into ready-to-go images. The integrated CI/CD tools support the entire web application lifecycle: build, test, deploy, manage, and update easier and faster than ever. Avoid expensive and complex tasks like buying and managing licenses, maintaining underlying application infrastructure or other resources.

Supported technologies












Platform features

Automated scaling

One of the perks of OpenShift is its autoscaling feature. Any application that runs on OpenShift can automatically increase or decrease the resources based on peak traffic times. Your infrastructure grows with your needs and your applications will never go down (due to traffic).


Proteon offers high-performance and resilient storage solutions. Because we know that your data is your most important asset. Use NMVE SSD for better performance, clustered databases for redundancy, and a highly persistent file system. 

Application management

Access your applications through the developer-friendly GUI or command line. Create a new environment with minimal effort. Install the language, database, and developer tool of your choice with just one click.


Each environment comes with a private network and local DNS. The services can not be accessed outside the private network. Configure routing to expose individual services, port configuration, HTTPS, and more. 


A fully integrated Continuous Integration and Development tool stack (CI/CD) enables a streamlined developer lifecycle. Use Jenkins, rolling deployments, and GIT integration to transform your development process. 


Monitor the health and usage of your applications with real-time metrics for CPU and memory. Setup advanced monitoring by integrating ELK, EFK or Dynatrace. Collect data on response time, CPU, memory, and more.


Your applications run safe and sound in the Proteon OpenShift Cloud. Why? Because of our ISO27001 and NEN7510 certifications, best practice Red Hat Enterprise Linux, database encryption at rest, Role Based Access Control, and more. 

Your applications running on OpenShift

With OpenShift Cloud, the entire OpenShift platform is delivered to you ready-to-go. From the operating system to the hosting. We provide a development and deployment environment in our Cloud.

Your OpenShift environment comes with a fully setup infrastructure (server, storage, networking), middleware, developer tools, database management system, and more.

What do we offer? 

  • One-time scaling consultancy 
  • OpenShift licenses and software 
  • Private cluster with 2 nodes or more consisting of 4, 8, 12 or 24 cores 
  • Preventive, Corrective, Adaptive Support according to the Service Level Agreement 

Is OpenShift the right fit for your applications? See for yourself with our free OpenShift trial. Sign up and get 48-hours access to your own OpenShift environment.