Introducing the Proteon Container Engine.

Rapid development with Docker
Resilience and scalability with Kubernetes
Safe with OpenShift and ISO27001

Looking for Linux, Drupal or Liferay managed hosting?

Automate your container deployments, release management, and workflow with Docker and Jenkins.
Run your applications with automated health-checks, scaling, and disaster recovery with Kubernetes.
Be assured that your application always runs safe and sound, thanks to Openshift and Proteon.

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Accelerate your development process with Docker to save time and money. Use Docker to streamline your application development and simplify your projects. Spin up environments as needed for testing, training, and A-B experiments with the language and platform of your choice.


Automate your development and test workflow in order to eliminate struggles when building and deploying an application. Make sure your users are not obstructed by errors or downtime with automated rolling deployments.


Stop worrying about your applications due to automatic disaster recovery and scaling, thanks to Kubernetes. Your applications run safely in Europe, thanks to our ISO27001 certification and hardening by Red Hat OpenShift.  Enjoy top performance of bare metal hosting. With Proteon, you can focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest.


Set Up in Minutes

Advance your software development with easy one-click installations. You are in control of your developments and deployments. Proteon just makes it simple for you. 

Easy integration

Because Proteon builds with open-source software it is easy to integrate your existing environments. You can effortlessly move workloads on on-premises, hybrid or public cloud infrastructures. 

Low Learning Curve

Enhance your IT without having to train your staff, reform your technology stack or re-code your applications. Start developing right away and save time and money on setup and infrastructure architecture. 

Bare Metal

With Proteon your containers run on bare metal. No hidden resource sharing, no overhead and better performace. What you see, is what you get: 100% of the CPU power and memory. 

Smart Consumption Meter

Stay in control of your budget with the Smart Consumption Meter. Check realtime usage metrics and shift your subscription up or down when business is booming or not.  No suprises or limitations with a notification if you are about to go over budget. 

Fixed Fee

Optimize your workflow, make better use of your resources and innovate while savings costs. With Proteon you pay a monthly fixed fee that is independent of your usage. Pay for what you use, but never pay too much. 


The core features of our product are built with Docker and Kubernetes. These are open-source solutions which means that we work together with the other developers of the community to continuously improve them. 


Get access to our documentation library with product knowledge, technical expertise and more. But if you need a little extra help, we are right there. Join our Slack usergroup and consult our experts or other users.