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Proteon Container Platform

Don’t reinvent how to develop, run and manage your applications on containers. Use one platform to automatically provision clusters, manage and monitor your applications, and scale your infrastructure. No matter how many clusters you need, we make them easy to manage. The Proteon Container Platform provides a consistent Ops and Developer experience where they can use and support deployments in the same way. Developing has never been easier. 

OpenShift versus Kubernetes 

The Proteon Container Platform uses Red Hat’s OpenShift as its core. OpenShift is by default built with load balancers, application gateways, a container registry, log analytics, developer tools, storage, and more crucial features. Whereas for Kubernetes you would need to configure and manage these attributes yourself or pay a Managed Kubernetes Service to do so. But Managed Kubernetes Services mostly built their Kubernetes platform for a specific environment, which gives you the problem of vendor lock-in. The Proteon Container Platform can be deployed on any cloud or infrastructure. Whether it is on-premises, in the public cloud or in our data centers. 

OpenShift services

 Proteon offers two types of Container services: OpenShift Enterprise Services and Origin Community Distribution of Kubernetes (OKD) Services. Both services run on the Proteon Container Platform and can be set up and managed in our datacenters, on-premises or in the public cloud. The main difference is the level of support and the type of solution that you are in need of. OpenShift Enterprise Services is suitable for companies that need a big and critical solution for their container platform. For less demanding solutions, we offer OKD Services. OKD is the Open Source variant of the Proteon Container Platform, but with all the features of default OpenShift.

OpenShift Enterprise Services

Proteon’s Container Platform is built on top of OpenShift. OpenShift is the leading enterprise solution for continuous application development and deployment with Kubernetes. OpenShift Enterprise Services is suitable for companies that need a big and critical solution for their container platform.

Popular features:
24×7 Enterprise Support
Certified application and middleware services
Red Hat licensing
Enterprise-grade Operating System

OKD Services

OKD Services is our managed services offering for the Proteon Container Platform. We manage day-to-day operations and guarantee 99,8% uptime, while you manage the access and integration points of the platform and deploy your applications. Our support team offers best effort and community support.

Best effort support without additional costs
We make sure everything is up and running
✓ Ready-to-go, developer friendly container platform
✓ Small price

Manage your applications in containers

effortlessly without a struggle. 

Push containerized applications to production within minutes with automated deployments to reduce runtime risk. Don't worry about security and high availability with disaster recovery, back-up, and rolling deployments.