Run your applications in Kubernetes within minutes

Develop, deploy and run your applications in containers faster and easier with Proteon’s Container Engine. Start your free trial now.

Introducing the Proteon Container Engine

Automate your container deployments, release management, and workflow with Docker and Jenkins. Run your applications with automated health-checks, scaling, and disaster recovery with Kubernetes. Be assured that your application always runs safe and sound, thanks to OpenShift Origin and Proteon.


Enhance your IT without having to train your staff, reform your technology stack or re-code your applications. Start developing right away and save time and money on setup and infrastructure architecture. Because Proteon builds with open-source software it is easy to integrate your existing environments. You can effortlessly move workloads on on-premises or in your own private Kubernetes cluster.

On-premises Kubernetes cluster

Adopting Kubernetes is known as a difficult and time-consuming task. It takes a while before you can harvest the benefits of developing with containers and master the skills of setup and management. That’s why Proteon works with your IT department to provide setup and management services for your OpenShift Kubernetes Cluster. 

Private Kubernetes cluster

Transform the way you manage your developments, deploy your code and run your applications with your own Kubernetes cluster. Ready to go within minutes. The resources scale with the load on your applications automatically or by self-service in your dashboard. Run your applications smooth and stable with the highest uptime and fastest time to market.


Accelerate your development process with Docker to save time and money. Use Docker to streamline your application development and simplify your projects. Spin up environments as needed for testing, training, and A-B experiments with the language and platform of your choice.


Automate your development and test workflow in order to eliminate struggles when building and deploying an application. Make sure your users are not obstructed by errors or downtime with automated rolling “Blue/Green” deployments.


Stop worrying about your applications due to automatic disaster recovery and autoscaling, thanks to Kubernetes. Your applications run safely in Europe, thanks to our ISO27001 certification and hardening by Red Hat OpenShift.  Enjoy top performance of bare metal hosting. With Proteon, you can focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest.

Proteon is a sponsor of EuroPython 2018

EuroPython was the first conference for the community of programming language Python. With over 1400 expected attendees this year it is now the largest European Python conference and the second largest conference worldwide. EuroPython is seen as the annual meeting place for European programmers,...

Containers Today 2018

On Thursday the 28th of June we sponsored the Containers Today convention in the Fokkerterminal, The Hague. With Docker as Event Sponsor, it was promised to become an interesting day discussing container development. Our booth staff talked to many developers who were working with Docker and...

Recap day 2 of KubeCon + Cloud Native Con 2018

On day 2 of KubeCon + Cloud Native Con, Alwyn and Freark went to the talks of Benjy Portnoy, Maciej Szulik, Suresh Visvanathan and others. First up, we'll share Freark's notes on the presentations that he visited.   In a presentation titled "Applying Least Privileges through Kubernetes Admission...

Recap day 1 of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2018

Today was a very special day. Why? Because it was the first day that Proteon's Container Engine went outside! And the first day of KubeCon + Cloud Native Con was where this all happened. For most of the Proteon team, it was the first time at KubeCon and what a surprise were we in for 🙂 With over...

Proteon brings Kubernetes back to its essence

Proteon now offers Kubernetes as a Service in its purest form: running on bare metal servers. Kubernetes is the third generation container management system developed by Google to run Google’s applications in the most efficient and most cost-effective way. It was originally designed to run...

KubeCon and Cloud Native Con, here we come!

The waiting is over! KubeCon + Cloud Native Con Europe 2018 is finally here. We just finished packing and are heading to the airport for our flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. The Proteon crew is very excited to welcome you to our booth. It's right next to the coffee corner, so grab a drink and come...

Proud sponsor of KubeCon 2018

Join us for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 this May when 4000+ end users, leading contributors, developers and the world's largest cloud providers and vendors meet for the biggest container conference in Europe. There will be over 323 speakers providing 177 in-depth sessions discussing the...