Deltares & Liferay: OpenDelft3D now Open Source!

An Open Source development strategy has many advantages. Deltares is aware of this and is migrating its OpenDelft3D software to Open Source alternatives. The accompanying community Portal that Deltares has chosen is Liferay. Proteon is helping Deltares to implement this LIferay Portal.

Deltares logoDeltares' OpenDelft3D software has many packages that are used for creating scale models of water flows. At the 1st of January 2011 two of these packages Delft3D FLOW and Delf3D WAVE were released under an Open Source license. The others are to follow.

A Liferay based community

Releasing software under an Open Source license and making it successful at the same time can only be done if there is support next to the release of the source code. People should have a platform to discuss the software and to be stimulated to work with it. That is why Deltares has chosen to set up a community platform based on Liferay.

Back end communication

Proteon implemented multiple back end connections in Deltares' Liferay Portal:

  • Integration with a versioning system (SVN), to show who and when source code was committed;
  • LDAP-connection, to let people use Liferay with Deltares centralized authentication system;
  • Wiki-connection (Jira/Confluence) , to show information about software and projects that is contained in the wiki.

Liferay consultancy

Proteon has set up the managed hosting infrastructure for Deltares and provides Liferay Enterprise Managed Hosting to them. To support Deltares in making more software Open Source Proteon provides Deltares also with Liferay consultancy on a frequent basis.

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