- Speed is all that counts

Proteon provides Enterprise Managed Drupal Hosting for Nebus Loyalty's Airmilesshop application. Airmilesshop is the web shop for people that make use of the loyalty program of Airmiles. In the web shop people can search, find and order products and pay with Airmiles-credits.

airmilesshop screenshot

The hosting requirements for an application like this one are high demanding:

  • Web shop needs to working at high speed even with high amount of simultaneous users line. Therefore APC (PHP op-code cache) and MemCache are being used heavingly;
  • The web shop is connected to Airmiles' back end product database by an encrypted VPN-connection;
  • The web shop uses Apache Solr for (faceted) search which should also be able to handle high load.

Because being online with this application is critical, Proteon set up a complete code staging infrastructure. There are separate environments for Acceptance and Production with strict release procedures. This makes the website very robust even when new software is deployed.


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