TNO - RI&E Enterprise Plone Hosting

Every company is obliged by the Dutch government to research if its work and procedures pose any threat to the health of its employees. This research is called 'Risk-assessment' and 'Risk-evaluation' (RI&E). The results and agreements how to handle certain threats need to be denoted in a (digital) report.

RI&E LogoTNO had two applications developed for denoting the RI&E's: and Both applications are managed by Proteon since 2004. Because of centralizing their hosting platform, TNO decided at one point to move the hosting to another company. However within two years, they returned...

Managing a platform like this is not easy. The platform is built up out of multiple applications that provide content, assets and other things. Proteon provides TNO with Enterprise Managed Hosting using a Clustered Production Instance and a separate Acceptance Instance.

In 2010 the application was rebuilt using Plone 4. We integrated this new version gradually into the exsiting infrastructure. We installed the new version in parallel with the existing one, did a last content migration ans switched without very few down time.


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