The Jostiband Orchestra

As the largest music group of mentally handicapped people in the world with concerts that are attended by many people, the Jostiband Orchestra needs an attractive website. Proteon used Plone for the new Jostiband website made in honor of their 45th anniversary.

The new website of theĀ Jostiband Orchestra received a brand new, fresh and clean appearance. All content present in the old website, that was made using OpenCMS, has been integrated in this new design. Using a comprehensive content arrangement this Plone site contains both information about the orchestra and its organisation and up-to-date news and a concert calendar, displaying the concerts on a map of Holland. In the Jostisjop one can order DVD's, CD's and more without having to log on. Next to this a live-video feed shows the Jostiband Orchestra rehearse each Wednesday evening and Saturday morning.

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Spaces, De Rode Olifant
Zuid-Hollandlaan 7
2596AL The Hague, The Netherlands

(Mon-Fri 0800-1800 CET/CEST)