KNMP KennisTest - Pharmacy knowledge tests

Proteon has implemented an application for the KNMP to let pharmacies test the knowledge of their employees.

KNMP KennisTest ScreenshotProteon has implemented many websites and applications for the Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering der Pharmacie (KNMP) - the Dutch Pharmacists Association. To test the level of knowledge of the Dutch Pharmacies and its employees in respect to medicine and prescriptives Proteon created KennisTest.

KennisTest is a Plone based application that presents the user a use case (e.g. someone walks into the pharmacy complaining about an itching head). Based on the use case multiple questions are asked to the user that has to answer a certain amount of questions correctly to pass the test.

Back end connections

The application that Proteon created provides KNMP the ability to create and manage tests themselves. The system has a connection with KNMP's pharmacies' address list and is synchronized with that every night.

Employees of Dutch pharmacies are obliged to attend courses and take tests each year. This way they can keep their accreditation. To automatically notify the national database of accreditation a second back end connection exists in the KennisTest application. Through this connection the national database for accreditation is automatically notified when a user passes a test. This connection is based on XML-RPC communication.


The KennisTest application has an underlying Postgres database which data is used to gather all kinds of statistics. The application can show the scores of individual users but can also show how well one performed compared to another. The KNMP can also compare pharmacies and districts.


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