European Committee for Homeopathy

The European Committee for Homeopathy is the representative for all homeopaths in Europe. She is organized in 37 associations in 22 countries.

ECH logoTon Nicolai, president of the European Committee for Homeopathy:

"I liked working with professionals. The combination of being clear and user friendly made the co-operation very productive. At every point in time I had insight in both status and costs of the project."

Ton describes the projects as a nice adventure that resulted in a nice website, that lives up to his expectation.

The old website of the ECH already contained information for decision makers and the media. However the content and its representation were very static. Another disadvantage of the old website was that users could not contribute content themselves. Proteon created a new design, then implemented it and helped reorganizing the content. By using the powerful CMS Plone end users of the website are also enabled to generate content themselves.

Next to the homeopathic information for visitors, the website also has a section for members of the subcommittees. Here they can share documents, and discuss topics in the forum.

ECH Home screenshot ECH subcommittee area

The website also incorporates the data of an external database. This database holds all European homeopathic provings, that have the results of the tests that have been done on the homeopathic medicines.


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