Plone Cases

Read about the cases that we have done using Plone - Worldwide beer, but not everywhere
For Proteon provides Enterprise Managed Plone Hosting.
The Jostiband Orchestra
As the largest music group of mentally handicapped people in the world with concerts that are attended by many people, the Jostiband Orchestra needs an attractive website. Proteon used Plone for the new Jostiband website made in honor of their 45th anniversary.
KNMP KennisTest - Pharmacy knowledge tests
Proteon has implemented an application for the KNMP to let pharmacies test the knowledge of their employees.
TNO - RI&E Enterprise Plone Hosting
Every company is obliged by the Dutch government to research if its work and procedures pose any threat to the health of its employees. This research is called 'Risk-assessment' and 'Risk-evaluation' (RI&E). The results and agreements how to handle certain threats need to be denoted in a (digital) report.
European Committee for Homeopathy
The European Committee for Homeopathy is the representative for all homeopaths in Europe. She is organized in 37 associations in 22 countries.

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