Proteon and SURFnet together in SURFconext

SURFconext is the new service of SURFnet to open its infrastructure to third party companies so that they can deliver their services through end users. Proteon created the Liferay adapter for SURFconext to authenticate users using Single Sign-On.

SURFnet logoUsing the SURFConext Liferay adapter that Proteon developed, every organization that is part of SURFnet can use Liferay to authenticate users in SURFDiensten.

Liferay and SURFconext work together

When a user visits the Liferay portal, he/she is automatically forwarded to the Single Sign-On page of SURFnet. If it is the user's first visit then a user account is automatically created in Liferay for this user. Also information on which groups this user belongs to is exchanged between Liferay and SURFnet. If the by SURFnet indicated groups this user belongs to do not yet exist in Liferay they are automatically created as well. When a user is logged in he/she will be able to use any portlet, e.g. the Document Sharing portlet

SURFnet Open Social Portal

The SURFnet Open Social Portal is the place where SURFnet provides services to affiliated organizations based on the Open Standard: Open Social.

SURFconext portalLiferay supports Open Social out of the box. Proteon extended a Document Sharing portlet to be available through the Open Social Standard. Therefore each platform that can act as a Open Social Container (e.g. iGoogle) can embed these portlets.


Proteon used Shibboleth together with Apache and Liferay to create a SAML2 solution to connect to the SURFConext infrastructure..

Do you want to learn more about SURFConext or our other Single Sign-On implementations, don't hesitate and contact us.


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