Kluwer - Legal Community Sites

Kluwer has strategically chosen Liferay as their new Portal platform. Proteon has created the 'Legal Community Sites' for Kluwer. A framework of Liferay portals with information for legal professionals.

Kluwer had enforced the usage of Liferay 5 Enterprise Edition. Another requirement was that every functional block that was to be build would be using as much standard Liferay functionality as possible. This to make upgrading later more easy. To us this was not a new requirement: we always develop functionality tainting as few standard code as possible


Each Community Site in the framework is targeted at a specific legal area. All sites share the same functionality, have the same layout, have consistent design and can share content if needed.

Kluwer Csites StrafrechtKluwer Csites Ondernemingsrecht

Back end connections

The content of the legal community sites is fetched from multiple sources. Liferay's own CMS-functionality (Web Content) is used and mixed with content obtained by RSS- and XML-feeds. By tagging the content it is possible to show content from one community in another.


  • Share content among communities: Out of the box Liferay 5 doesn't support sharing content among communities. Proteon added functionality to support content sharing;
  • One theme, many colours: Based on the URL used to access the application, the theme is shown in different colours;
  • LinkedIn registration: Users can link their LinkedIn properties in their user profile in Liferay.



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