Liferay Cases

Read about the cases that we have done using Liferay
Deltares & Liferay: OpenDelft3D now Open Source!
An Open Source development strategy has many advantages. Deltares is aware of this and is migrating its OpenDelft3D software to Open Source alternatives. The accompanying community Portal that Deltares has chosen is Liferay. Proteon is helping Deltares to implement this LIferay Portal.
Domino's Pizza - Liferay as ingredient
Proteon provides Domino's Pizza with Liferay Enterprise Hosting for the back end ingredients ordering system of their stores.
Hogeschool Leiden - Liferay portal
Proteon provided the Hogeschool Leiden a pilot portal to show them Liferay is the perfect choice for the problems they are facing.
iAvans Portal in Liferay
Avans' goal is to create a community to share knowledge with and among students. Liferay and Proteon are the perfect partners in this case.
Kluwer - Legal Community Sites
Kluwer has strategically chosen Liferay as their new Portal platform. Proteon has created the 'Legal Community Sites' for Kluwer. A framework of Liferay portals with information for legal professionals.
Proteon and SURFnet together in SURFconext
SURFconext is the new service of SURFnet to open its infrastructure to third party companies so that they can deliver their services through end users. Proteon created the Liferay adapter for SURFconext to authenticate users using Single Sign-On.
Zorgportaal Rijnmond - Health care Portal
Health Care Portal Rijnmond is about to become the largest Liferay 6 based portal with information about health care in the Rijnmond region of the Netherlands.

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