Natuurmonumenten - We care about nature

Proteon provides Managed Hosting to Vereniging Natuurmonumenten for online photo and video conversion. The conversion is based on a Drupal 7 set up.

Vereniging Natuurmonumenten Logo Having high quality photo and video available to Natuurmonumenten is vital. Pictures and other assets are published on both the internet and in magazines and flyers. However any media type requires different types of assets. That is why Proteon setup a web server in its private cloud that converts these assets to the required formats. Users can upload the assets in one format and the required formats are created on the fly. The infrastructure is based on Proteon's Managed Drupal 7 platform.

Technical setup

Each month about 8000 image uploads are done that together with FastCGI and ImageMagick are converted. The resulting images are not only stored in the cloud but are also exported to 'Kina' .



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