Polyamorie.NL and Proteon: the perfect match!

Through Wizzlern (one of our Drupal partners) we got in contact with Ageeth Veenemans. She needed a reliable hosting platform for her dating websites: polyamorie.nl and polyamoriematch.nl.


From the moment we got introduced to the existing applications it was clear to us that the current hosting company did not have much experience hosting Drupal. They neglected security updates and they were of no help when deployments of new software releases failed.


Managing Drupal applications is one of Proteon's specialties, that is why Wizzlern pointed Polyamorie to us. Our approach for migrating the web applications was simple: we take care of the whole process of migration, without asking hard to answer questions. The only things we needed were the credentials to the old hosting setup.

We set up a copy of the applications in our privte cloud and the only things Ageeth had to do was to look, click and compare.

Reliable Drupal hosting platform

The new setup is as any setup we create, based on four important things:

Keep things predictable: Using our configuration automation based on Puppet we have pre-defined hosting profiles, that are fixed over time so we don't get surprises here.

Keep things manageable: The basic infrastructure for all applications is the same, making it easy to manage the websites.

Patch when needed: We perform security updates from the Operating System to the modules in the Drupal websites.

Pro-actively monitor: We monitor our systems from the hardware layer up to the modules in your Drupal instance. If something tends to fail or needs updating, we act to prevent incidents.

Technical implementation

“I am very happy about the way you helped us migrate our websites!! Just great!” -- Ageeth Veenemans, about the Drupal migration project managed by Dimitri Tischenko.

The above mentioned things together with the requirements of the website itself have led to a high-performance hosting infrastructure. Using APC and Memcache, in combination with a fine-tuned Varnish and optimized MySQL-database scheme we were able to make the websites fly.

The complete infrastructure has one static website and six Drupal websites:

  • 3 Pressflow-based instances for polyamoriematch.nl (development, testing and production instances);
  • 1 multisite Drupal with two sites inside (polyamorie.nl and polyamorie.net);
  • 1 single Drupal instance.

Got interested?

Do you want to learn more about what we can do for you? Don't hesitate and contact us. We can't wait to migrate your Drupal website and make it fly!


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