Plone Training

Having a Plone site created is the first step of your project, maintaining it is the next. Proteon can help you learn to manage your content efficiently.

Years ago a website was regarded a the online edition of the company's product brochure. Although this time has passed long ago, it still happens very often that a potentially powerful website decays to a static brochure like entity.

To prevent this from happening with your Plone website, Proteon offers Plone-workshops which will learn you how to maintain and manage your website and its contents. Plone is a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that has many features making it powerful but at the start overwhelming.

Plone CMS Content Training - Target audience: editors

This training of a full day will teach the participants how to manage their content: where to place specific content, how to handle images, how to handle external content and how to expose your content through social media. The training will also touch the topic of 'using workflows'.

Plone CMS Admin Training - Target audience: webmasters

A one day training that will teach the audience how to configure most of Plone's settings. Participants will learn how to define workflows and permissions, how to administer users and how to define text-styles that can be used in the WYSIWYG-editors. The audience is also given an insight in the underlying Zope application server and its configuration.

On demand we can adapt our training to fit the needs of your company and the experience level of your employees.

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