Plone Managed Hosting

With Plone Managed Hosting your website is stable and secure.

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Proteon delivers three levels of services in its Managed Hosting package: at hardware-level, at operating system-level and at Zope/Plone-level itself. This results in a stable running platform. And because Proteon's network infrastructure is fully redundant your website will be up and reachable all the time.


We monitor all our servers and applications, both on functionality and on load proactively. If our monitoring system detects incidents our qualified support engineers fix them right away..

Separate Environments

By default we install both Production and Acceptance environments for every application. This way we can guarantee that your Production server won't break after a new software release, because the release has been tested and accepted in the identical Acceptance environment before.

On demand we can also provide Test and Development environments where developers can do their coding and integration tests can be performed.

Enterprise Grade Managed Hosting

If you buy Plone Managed Hosting at Proteon, you get Enterprise Grade Managed Hosting for a fraction of its costs. You don't have to worry about availability, giving you more time to do your core business.

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