Plone Enterprise Managed Hosting

Plone Enterprise Managed Hosting is the next step in Plone Managed Hosting. Enterprise Managed Hosting not only provides you with hosting your applications but also with integrating them with your current infrastructure if necessary.

Some examples of what Proteon's Enterprise Managed Hosting can provide to you:

  • Fail-over systems - if one of our servers might fail, another one is standby to seamlessly take over;
  • Load-balancing - if at some point in time your application is visited by high amount of users (e.g. because of a marketing campaign), we can enlarge the capacity of your application over multiple instances and thereby balancing the load;
  • Single Sign-On - make your Plone applications support Single Sign-On, letting people seemlessly log in from one system to another;
  • Back end connections - make connections to back end systems, like payment modules, CRM-systems, ERP-systems etc, we do so securely e.g. by the usage of SSH- or VPN-tunnels.


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