Plone Consultancy

On one hand you are looking for a company that can do Plone development and on the other hand a company that can host your Plone application? Don't look any further: Proteon can do both for you!

Proteon has been providing Plone services for over 5 years now. Our services run from hardcore coding of Plone applications to managing advanced Enterprise Plone Hosting platforms. Because both Plone coding and hosting are our specialties we can virtually help you out with any Plone-problem.

Our help can come in the form of 'advise', but we prefer to do it in the form of 'consultancy'. This means that a Plone consultant will work from within your company to tackle the problems. Our consultants not only come with tips how to improve you application or setup, they will actively participate in your team to implement the improvements


Spaces, De Rode Olifant
Zuid-Hollandlaan 7
2596AL The Hague, The Netherlands

(Mon-Fri 0800-1800 CET/CEST)