Liferay Training

Proteon provides Liferay workshops and trainings for product managers, editors and developers.

Liferay Introduction


Target audience: Product Managers/Decision Makers

A half day training in which the essentials of Liferay are shown. The goal of this training is to learn how your organization can benefit from using Liferay. Strengths and the few weaknesses of Liferay will be demonstrated. Before the start of this training we ask the audience to give input on what kind of other CMS- and/or Portal-products they are used to. The trainer will compare the systems mentioned to Liferay to discuss their 'cons' and 'pros'.

Liferay Portal Training

Target audience: Editors and webmasters

A one and a half day course that will teach the audience how to manage Liferay, how to create structures and templates, how to configure portlets and how to manageĀ users. Depending on the audience the training is extended with information on Single Sign-On configuration. The training starts with one day of explanation and hands-on experience. A week later followed by a 'help-you-with-your-real-life-examples' day. We encourage the attendants to go out and play with Liferay after the first training day and collect as many questions as possible that we will answer the second training day. We do so to provide a training which fits better for your job. We also use these questions to improve our own workshops over time.

Liferay Development Training

Target audience: Developers

A training that will teach the audience how to create Liferay plugins, how to create themes and how to make a stable Liferay bundle that can be (re)deployed without breaking anything. We don't have a fixed time schedule for this training because it depends on the experience of the audience. Therefore we always provide these workshops as Liferay Consultancy, where a certified Liferay developer joins your team for a longer period of time.

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