Liferay SaaS

Not everyone wants Enterprise Managed Hosting, but everybody likes to have Enterprise Grade Managed Hosting. Exactly that is what Proteon provides with Liferay Software-as-a-Service - Liferay SaaS.

Private Cloud Hosting


Do you have a Liferay application that you want to have hosted professionally without having to worry about prices and scaling? Or do you need a temporary Liferay instance, for a one-time event or just to try Liferay out? Proteon delivers Liferay Software as a Service especially for these needs.

Proteon has its own private cloud in which we deliver Liferay as a Service. You will get an Enterprise Grade Liferay Instance for a fraction of the costs of a full Enterprise Liferay Managed Hosting solution. Because of our experience with hosting JAVA applications for over 10 years, it is a small step for us to provide Liferay as a Service.


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