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Liferay has for years been one of the best portal solutions. Since the 5.2 release, Liferay is pushing hard at becoming one of the best social solutions for the office.

Liferay Social Office ScreenshotDuring recent years, initiatives like Google Docs, Wikipedia, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace a huge boost to communicate and collaborate via the Internet between people. An organization seeking support its communities can join these alternatives and through a mashup to create the desired functionality. For example, the ability to LinkedIn community to use software and integrate it into your website or intranet.

For some organizations, the use of external applications is not an option. For example because one organization can not afford to depend on a vendor like Google or LinkedIn. Or because documents and other content to remain in house.

For organizations that require an application for internal or external communities to communicate and collaborate Liferay offers a nice solution, the Liferay Social Office. Some highlights:

  • Integration with Microsoft Office ® by using the SharePoint ® protocol. The edit and save documents directly from the desktop to be done.
  • Agendas for individuals and teams with notification of events via email, IM and SMS
  • Documents in one central location tracking of versions
  • Integrated Wiki
  • Integrated Forums
  • Blog with email notification and RSS
  • Personal profiles
  • Personal Status
  • Subsites for showing selections from the calendars, forums, blogs, etc.
  • Email client
  • Contacts
  • Chat
  • News & alerts
  • Tagging
  • Search based on Solr
  • Liferay is open source

Proteon provides implementation, management and hosting of Liferay. Liferay questions about our services please contact us via the contact form.

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