Liferay Single Sign-On

If you have different applications available to your users, they will normally need to sign in to every application separately. This is not only a nuisance to them, but can also put a drain on IT support.

With the Single Sign-On solutions that Proteon provides, these problems belong to the past. With Single Sign-On you can centralise the log in procedures of different applications in one system, accessible with only one password. After entering the right password, only the applications that the user is authorised to will become available. This means your users can access all their sytems with only one password!

Except for the convenience of having to remember only one password, Single Sign-On has more advantages. Managed hosting of the system is centralised and the integration of different systems will give the user the feeling that all applications are integrated into one system. As the log in procedure is defined in one place, it is easier to adjust the system, for example to increase the level of security on the log in procedure. Furthermore, experience has proven that the users of your system are more productive once they can access all their applications through only one single sign on procedure.

Proteon is experienced in embedding Single Sign-On in existing infrastructures. We are the perfect fit if you want to let people authenticate by Single Sign-On. Things like SAML2LDAP andActive Directory have no secrets to us. The fact that SURFdiensten has selected Proteon as its Preferred Liferay Supplier is a sign on the wall.

Would you like to know more about the advantages that Single Sign-On can bring to your company?


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