Liferay Enterprise Managed Hosting

Liferay is popular, and not without reason. It has the power to unlock the information that is contained in multiple systems' data.

liferay-logo.jpgAnybody knows the problem: how to unlock information that is contained in multiple systems in a user friendly and intuitive manner. Turning data into information is always a daunting task.

Liferay provides overview

Liferay is a portal and provides end users a single interface to unlock the information of all your systems. All information is centralized in Liferay and therefore users only have to use the portal to get an overview of everything they need to know. Liferay does this by making use of portlets - small widgets that can interface with virtually any (external) system and fetch their data into Liferay.

Liferay is non invasive

DBecause Liferay makes use of portlets and open standards the impact on the rest of your systems is kept to a minimum. Normally Liferay can be introduced in a heterogeneous infrastructure without making adaption to the infrastructure itself. It is Liferay that adapts. This makes Liferay an attarctive choice for unlocking the true potential of your data.

Adding 'managed' to your hosting

One can buy hosting from many suppliers these days. And to be honest: most hosting products of these companies aren't bad at all. However, it is about what is on top of the hosting layer that makes the difference. Going from 'hosting' to 'managed hosting' is the first step; going to 'Liferay Enterprise Managed hosting' is the final step. Proteon provides 'Liferay Enterprise managed hosting' aimed at high performance, high availability without down time.


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