Drupal Managed Hosting

Proteon's Managed Drupal hosting services make your applications shine!

Druplicon communityWe provide more Drupal services than most other hosting companies. We provide both a hosting platform and put a managed layer on top of that. Together this makes your website run faster and more reliable.

Optimized for Drupal - Also Drupal 7!

Our hosting infrastructure is specially optimized for Drupal. This optimization is done both technically and functionally. We have an automated deployment process designed to fit the needs of Drupal. Making deployments not only reproducible but also predictable.

Our platform is build upon an optimized PHP environment that on demand can make use of Varnish, APC and other optimizations to make your websites run faster.

We also provide Solr services, that we integrate with Drupal. Solr makes crawling your website for end users very easy by offering them not only a single search text box but also things like faceted search, stemming and n-gramming.

AProteon was one of the first companies to support Drupal 7. Therefore we can deliver high quelity Drupal 7 managed hosting.

Fully managed hosting

As said before we automated Drupal installation from just an empty hard drive up to the application. Next to that we monitor our services. We do so at various levels ranging from the hosting platform to the application itself. We also monitor all security announcements and patch the instances when needed. You can find more information on managed hosting at the Managed Hosting page. For corporations we provide Enterprise Drupal hosting.

Happy customers

Our managed hosting is highly appreciated by our customers. We provide Enterprise hosting for the Dutch Airmiles shop and the VPower shop from Shell. Interesting examples include conversions from plain Drupal 6 to Pressflow. See for example theĀ  Polyamorie.nl case or take a look in our online portfolio.


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