Drupal Enterprise Managed Hosting

Drupal is used more and more often for large web applications. This requires however specialized hosting setups that are aimed to support large number of visitors and traffic. Proteon takes its Drupal service even beyond that - for our corporate customers we make the hosting fit exactly to the application and its requirements. Using Varnish, APC, Solr, Pressflow in stand alone or in multisite setups offers no secrets to us.

Adding 'managed' to your hosting

One can buy hosting from many suppliers these days. And to be honest: most hosting products of these companies aren't bad at all. However it is about what is on top of the hosting layer that makes the difference. Going from 'hosting' to 'managed hosting' is the first step; going to 'Drupal managed hosting' is the final step. Proteon provides 'Drupal managed hosting' aimed at high performance, high availability without down time.

Designed for high traffic Drupal sites

Proteon has wide experience with managing large Drupal infrastructures. Our knowledge is not limited to Drupal itself but also includes optimization techniques for APC, Varnish and Pressflow. For corporate and enterprise-grade setups we also apply cluster setups.

Together with our customers we design a hosting setup perfectly fitted for the job. Not only with configuration optimizations but also by providing separate Production and Acceptance environments. Thereby minimizing the change that new software releases break your Production site. On demand we can also provide Test and Development environments. We automate the installation of every application, making it plain easy to re-install your application on any system from scratch. We know that reproducibility is vital to prevent incidents from occurring.

Patch management and monitoring

All applications hosted by us are monitored 24/7. Our support engineers are not only warned when something goes wrong, but are also proactively warned if things may go wrong in near future. This way we prevent most incidents from happening and minimize the possibility of down time.

We are subscribed to all security patch feeds ranging from operating system to Drupal modules. We install security patches as soon as they come out.

Drupal 7 Ready

We already provide Drupal 7 managed hosting to many customers. Why not take a look in our portfolio to see some example cases of our capabilities.


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