What is Open Source?

Proteon has been using Open Source software since its foundation. However since 2005 we fully focused on Open Source. Not only because we are technical perfectionists, but also because it is smart business wise.

In the year 2003 Meiny Prins (CEO of Priva and rewarded with the 'Dutch female entrepreneur award 2009') asked us: 'I want a CMS-based website, but then I need to pay € 40.000,- annually only for licences. Can't you come up with a cheaper solution?'. We investigated the Open Source CMS-market and were astounded by the high level of quality of the products we found. From that day on we decided to aim ourselves fully at Open Source technology's.

Later in 2004 the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA) asked the independent Dutch research organization TNO to create a collaboration platform. As sub contractor of TNO we investigated two closed source solutions and one open source solution (Plone). The Open Source solution offered a reduction in costs of over € 100.000,- which made the choice for TNO very easy.

Next to our belief in Open Source we also believe strongly in Open Communication and therefore we invite you to join our Open Lunch one day

Open Communication

Our office is build up out of one big room accompanied by conference rooms. In the Open Office it is silent and people are fully concentrated and dedicated to their job until somebody cracks a joke and we have fun all together. Our main channel of communication is 'Sheeple'; a chat channel that let people that work from home join our conversations.

If the situation calls us to it we discuss things through thoroughly even with our customers. We only want to come up with the best solution and therefore we need to know everything that might be of interest. At Proteon we prefer honesty. So yes, we do make mistakes and we are 'open' about it (we tell you if we mess up). We don't mess up often, but living on the edge of technology, sometimes make you slip. However we love to learn and never make the same mistake twice.



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