How we work

Since its foundation in 1995 Proteon has been managing and developing Open Source web applications. Because of its experience build up throughout the years, Proteon can provide high quality consultancy from web solutions to business rules.

High performance and high availability

Next to working with Drupal, Plone and Liferay we are specialized in Corporate Open Source solutions like high performance and high availability clusters. Multi client-, load balanced- and cluster setups combined with automatic fail over, caching and point-in-time-recovery are things that come to us naturally.


In the corporate world is providing a standard solution not enough. A portal or application needs to be embedded in an existing heterogeneous hosting environment. Making connections to Back End Systems offers no secrets to us. No matter if your data is stored in Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, ERP- or CRM-systems based on Microsoft SQL or Oracle; we unlock the data and can make it more social.

Publication and release management

'Making applications run on the web can be done by many, keeping applications run on the web can be done by few, but keeping applications run even when new software releases are deployed frequently that is our specialty.'

We understand that Open Source doesn't mean: insecure, unstable and without warranty. We sign Service Level Agreements with our customers because we know how important service is. We can provide separate environments for every step in your publication process (e.g. separate Production and Acceptance environments) for a fixed monthly fee, so without financial surprises. We are experienced in using versioning systems like CVS, Subversion, GIT and Bazaar and can therefore also provide release management for you.


Spaces, De Rode Olifant
Zuid-Hollandlaan 7
2596AL The Hague, The Netherlands

(Mon-Fri 0800-1800 CET/CEST)